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Newsletter - Roydon Pre-School CIC

December 2018




Each half term Pre-School will try to send home a letter informing parents/carers about the topics/activities to be covered that half term. This can be used as a prompt for conversation with your child about their time at Pre-School.


Pre-School Library


Children will have the opportunity to choose a book to take home to read/look at.




It is an Ofsted requirement that Pre-School monitors attendance and attendance statistics are displayed on the Parent’s notice board. If your child is unable to attend Pre-School for any reason e.g. sickness/ holiday etc please let us know as soon as possible. Any unadvised absences will be registered as unauthorized.

Pre-School Contacts: Mobile 07931 797809





Please make sure these items are clearly labelled with the child’s name. We have a number of identical items which can cause confusion.



Pre-School would like to remind parents/carers that it is their responsibility to inform Pre-School of any changes in their child’s health or medication.


Partnership with Parents


Your child’s learning and development is a partnership between home and the Pre-School/s. On the notice board is a poster detailing the ways in which you help your child to learn at home. Your child learns to do things at home that we cannot assess at Pre-School i.e. going up and down stairs or riding a bicycle. Please contribute these milestones to your Child’s Learning Journey by taking a photograph or writing a small piece to be included into the Journey. Family Adventures and Learning at home sheets are available on the notice board for you to use and be added to your child’s learning journey.